vendredi 9 janvier 2015

It's like a day 2.
I have slept on two layers of soft mattresses that feel somewhat musty. But the pub was cleaned, it's warm, there is a toilet, hot shower, and beautiful people (bella gente).
N. who, perhaps to help himself holding a sustained rythm of writing, hit at speed and alcohol since – at least – last night when I arrived, and again this morning, dedicated me a nice poem (translated from Lithuanian) :

school friend
her bra on my hairy chest
no one around cares
haven't seen you in ages
you've cut your hair
we stand in the bathroom
mirror we smile
our pupils huge black
you lift up your skirt
see how I look now
and later
you show
what you have learned too

Back to Albany Center.
Today we begin the program outlined yesterday.

Although the attack against Charlie Hebdo left
us K.O for a while, and very sad all the day long.



The Minesweeper is a collective : no boss, every
one is involved when and how he wants.
The Minesweeper is a cooperative, that is to say a company – in English, we say “a buisiness”.
The official (legal) name is The Minesweeper Collective Cooperative Limited.

The main activities
are :
- Musical and cultural events (readings, video projections, etc.) ;
- Artists and collectives residencies (as was the case for Cane Morto, Le Cagibi, etc.) ;
- Undercurrent Gallery exhibitions at Bird's Net (bar in Deptford) ;
- Screen-printing workshops ;
- Printing T-shirtss on demand.

We want to diffuse our works and connect people :
- through social networks (in addition to Facebook, Blogspot, Tumblr and MailChimp, we will open a Twitter, Google+ and Instagram account) ;
- and, mostly, through a magazine.


The Review

magazine will be digital ("online" and therefore free and open to everyone), with a monthly issue.
We will cover
all the activities of Minesweeper (exhibition at the Bird's Nest, musical and cultural events, services and workshops, publishing...), but also what happens in the neighborhood or nearby (the great South East London : from Lewisham to Brixton).
Finally we will spare a creative space open to all for drawings, photographs, texts, poems, etc.

We will also implement other activities related to screen-printing:
- all that can be printed creatively (vinyl covers, book covers, card games, calendars, etc) ;
- posters on demand in addition to our own poster creations ;
- textile products (including bags) ;

But above all we will make books.



Le Cagibi, witch is a collective, is our main model and inspiration.
We want to make high quality books, regularly, and to experiment different formal solutions to make original book-objects.

The collaborative books
After “Dédale”, we have launched a call of submission for the book on eroticism (in collaboration with Le Cagibi where the book will be printed, and Litrature, etc.).
Other collaborative and exciting projects will follow.

The book collection of Minesweeper
We will make a book by month, about a word (as a theme for the texts and drawings) related to the ship.
At the end of the year, with the copies we have set aside, we will produce a set box (a chest).

The artists' books
We want also to print casual books that will be the result of individual work (one of the members of the group or guest artist) or an artistic collaboration.
For instance, I'll probably print aboard the Minesweeper (if not at Le Cagibi) some book projects I currently work on :
- "Les idées plus noires que l'encre" with Vincent Tréfex ;
- "The Ipsicide" with Freddy Roccia;
- "The Anarchist Book" with Illustre Feccia.

Books for children
We would like to make books for children. This would allow us to experiment with other graphics, literary and formal solutions, in addition to remember that there are the most bizarre books that have touched us in our childhood.


No purpose, except perhaps,
in time, to harvest enough money (with croundfunding) to ensure continuity for the Minesweeper boat, and, for us, decent conditions of life without any work and without any public subsidies.